Granite Countertops Care Guide

Granite is one of the best sellers when it comes to natural stone for countertops. There are over 230 colors available, you can choose from delicate to dramatic colors. And because of its wide variety of colors and patterns granite has, sure there is a pattern to perfectly fit in every design and style for every home.  


Not only the natural beauty that makes granite so popular for countertops but also the durability and maintenance. Granite requires a very little maintenance just like other natural stone slabs like marble countertop.  

  •  Granite is Rough and Tumble  

Kitchen countertops need to be built with material that is durable, lovely and can be cleaned easily because every day, your kitchen countertop takes a hard beating. Cooking, eating, art projects, drinking, homework are some reasons that those softer stone countertops like onyx and marble can be quickly stained, chipped or damaged. But not with a granite countertop.    

  • Guarding Against Spills and Scratches  

In the preparation of your meal with an unsealed granite countertop, it is very important to quickly wipe out any spills especially on acidic liquids like citrus fruits, vinegar and alcohol. While sealed granite is not as vulnerable to stains like marble countertops but it is still wise to put padded trivets for hot pots and pans and to use placemats when drinking and eating acidic foods. Also, avoid dropping sharp or pointed tools or any hard objects on your granite countertop.  

  • Daily Care for Your Slab  

Keep in mind this few do’s and don’ts in keeping your granite countertop clean every day. Never use a rough or gritty cleanser; this makes your granite or any other natural stone countertop looks dull and will be vulnerable to staining and itching. Also avoid products that contain vinegar, ammonia or bleach as ingredients. Just simply use warm water with a mild soap and a sponge, and then use a paper towel to wipe it dry.  

  • To Seal, or Not to Seal  

It is recommended by Industry experts that it is practical for all natural stone countertop to be sealed and this includes marble, granite onyx and limestone. The difference with these stones is that those softer natural stones like marble require more sealing than a granite countertop. Granite typically needs resealing only once every two years compared to marble that requires a couple of times in a year. See more info at search engine marketing  

You can do some test to check if your countertop needs resealing. All you have to do is to wet a paper towel then put in on the countertop for about 10 minutes. When you remove the towel, check if the area discolored slightly. The discoloration means that the water already soaked into the granite and the countertop is needed to be resealed. Some areas I the kitchen needs to be sealed annually like those around the sink but in areas that don’t always get wet, you can reseal it every two years.  

Kansas city granite counters are the top option of home buyers and homeowners nationwide, with some touch of care, proper daily cleaning and sealing will make your countertop last a lifetime.  

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